Shooting Guard Draft Rankings 2020

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Some of the best players in the NBA now man the shooting guard position, including perhaps the best scorer in the NBA, James Harden. Shooting guards are integral parts of NBA teams on both ends of the floor with the 3-and-D skillset being a must for the modern NBA. There are plenty of intriguing shooting guard prospects in this draft. Let’s break them down.


Player NameCollege/International TeamOverall RankingNBA Comp
Anthony EdwardsUniversity of Georgia#1Dwyane Wade
Devin VassellFlorida State University#7Robert Covington
Josh GreenUniversity of Arizona#14Kelly Oubre
Aaron NesmithVanderbilt University#15Buddy Hield
Tyrese MaxeyUniversity of Kentucky#19Lou Williams
Tyrell TerryStanford University#21C.J. McCollum
Leandro BolmaroFC Barcelona (Spain)#26Joe Ingles
Desmond BaneTexas Christian University#29Gary Trent Jr.
Isaiah JoeUniversity of Arkansas#49Allen Crabbe
Sam MerrillUtah State University#54Bogdan Bogdanovic
Elijah HughesSyracuse University#55DeAndre Bembry
Skylar MaysLouisiana State University#57Derrick White
Cassius StanleyDuke University#59Rodney Hood
Jay ScrubbJohn A. Logan Volunteers#60Malik Beasley

The Elite Crop

#1 - Anthony Edwards: Georgia's "Ant-Man" is the best prospect in this draft who carries with him remarkable athleticism and an exciting dribbling/scoring skillset. Edwards is going to be a big-bodied, strong off guard who can handle the ball, score off the dribble, and create for his teammates. I'm very excited about Ant Man's isolation scoring potential as well as his potential to become a defensive deterrent. He compares favorably to some other big-bodied, two-way two-guards who have come through the NBA recently like Dwyane Wade, Victor Oladipo, and Donovan Mitchell. Edwards is a lock for the top pick in my eyes and the Wolves will be thrilled to have him.

Late Lottery

#2 - Devin Vassell: Teams looking for a high-upside 3-and-D specialist in the late lottery range will be thrilled about Florida State's Devin Vassell. The two-guard by trade is going to be able to guard small forwards and even some power forwards in the NBA. He has tremendous length and athleticism and is a very solid shooter. He struggles to create off the dribble and offers very little in the way of playmaking, so NBA teams should not expect an offensive lynchpin when they draft him. However, Vassell has the ability to improve any NBA team.

#3 - Josh Green. I've been very back-and-forth on Arizona's Josh Green. He has the length and athleticism to suggest he can be a very solid NBA defender, but he was streaky in college on the defensive end. Green has the shooting chops to suggest he can be a strong NBA scorer, but he's also prone to cold stretches. Green needs to develop some skills in a professional environment, but he has tremendous upside as a two-way wing. His ability to score off the dribble and put his body on the line for loose balls will be attributes NBA teams will fall in love with.

#4 - Aaron Nesmith: 3-point shooting is now more important than it's ever been in the NBA, which should provide an immediate boost to Nesmith's stock. He's arguably the best shooter in this draft class and his college tape reminds me of Buddy Hield's tape while at Oklahoma. Nesmith is an incredibly hard worker and should continue to improve in his defensive awareness and passing. He will be a solid addition to any young corps in the NBA.

High-Upside Late First-Round Picks

#5 - Tyrese Maxey: Every time I watched Kentucky basketball this season, Maxey's electric offense stood out. He is going to be a microwave scorer off the bench and his play is reminiscent of Lou Williams, the multi-time 6th Man of the Year winner. Maxey is a bit raw as a passer and defender, but his explosive handle will take him far.

#6 - Tyrell Terry: The modern NBA emphasizes shooting above all else, and that should help Terry fit right in. Nothing about his game is particularly special, but his shooting may be the best in the entire draft class. If he can develop some more advanced dribbling moves and better passing anticipation, he has a bright future in the NBA.

#7 - Leandro Bolmaro: The former FC Barcelona guard is probably the best passer at the shooting guard position in this draft class and has a skilled scoring repertoire. He lacks elite athleticism, a deficit that impacts his ability on both ends of the court, but Bolmaro is very pro-ready and will be able to impact his team's offense while playing on or off the ball.

#8 - Desmond Bane: At 22 years old, Desmond Bane is an older prospect for his draft class. He may not have the most room for improvement or the highest upside, but his shooting ability is going to help him carve out an NBA role. He's a decent passer and his defense is solid enough to help him stay on the floor at all times.

Second Round Fliers

#9 - Isaiah Joe: The former University of Arkansas shooting guard has been flying under the radar as he's a second-year player who's sophomore season was ended early due to injury. Joe is a dynamic shooting threat who is equally lethal off the dribble or off the catch. He'll be scooped up early in the second round.

#10 - Sam Merrill: Utah State's guard produced historic scoring and 3-point shooting numbers while in college, but he's 24 years old now, which makes him one of the oldest players in consideration for this draft. His shooting will translate to the NBA, but he's nothing more than a future role player.

#11 - Elijah Hughes: The former Syracuse shooting guard is another interesting case as he's 22 years old and had a unique NCAA experience after transferring from East Carolina to Syracuse. He's a high-energy player who will make game-winning plays in the NBA and he has a solid scoring profile, especially given the defensive attention he received at Syracuse.

#12 - Skylar Mays: Mays played four seasons at LSU and showed significant improvements each year, especially in his senior season in which he shot a career-best 54.8% from the field and 39.4% from 3-point range. Mays is an older prospect, but he has the potential to be a solid contributor in the NBA.

#13 - Cassius Stanley: The former Duke guard is such a tough player to evaluate. He may be the best athlete in this class and his insane explosiveness and lightning-quick first step make him a lethal threat on the drive. He is a very raw prospect though and I'm not convinced that either his scoring or defense will translate to the NBA.

#14 - Jay Scrubb: This is perhaps the most unique path to the draft this year as Scrubb is a former junior college player who won the JUCO player of the year award. He committed to Louisville originally, but changed his mind and opted to prepare for the draft. There isn't enough tape of him against high-level competition to make him anything more than a late second-round flier, but he has intriguing upside.

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